Ocean In A Drop Collection

Your world is in your own hands.

This collection is an extension of ByCanary’s mission of inspiring and empowering women to value and believe in themselves, to look no further than their own hearts for strength, courage, love and magic.
“Ocean In A Drop" consists of a trio of cigar band rings. Each different in appearance, they are bound by a potent intention to incite thought, evoke emotion and inspire individual expression. A lone diamond or pearl finds its place of belonging. Set on a vast pasture of gold vermeil, whether in an in-between space, on an edge or held in a snug embrace, it’s never lost in its solitude, but at ease.
A quiet beauty exudes from elegant, simple, modern lines and textures, navigating between art and design. Made for everyday wear as a part of a woman’s self-care ritual, it’s a beautiful reminder that style, like you, is a constantly evolving language. And this moment, as you are, is exactly perfect.


"You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.”



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