SOLO : Simple, but significant

Celebrating a return to simplicity in minimalism

One is the greatest number. Let’s start there. “Solo” is a collection that wants to tell the story again. It wants you to take the existing story apart and re-build it into your own. Then tell it with simplicity, with clarity, and a singular conviction of your heart. Silence a noisy world. Challenge the status quo. More is merrier, they say? Show them that less is more. Louder is better? Let them hear the power of silence.
In a complicated world, simplicity — whether it’s applied to style, creativity or larger life decisions — is often the solution. It makes way for the highest level of sophistication. In simplicity there is authenticity. It is, in itself, an art.

"The “Solo” collection celebrates a return to simplicity in minimalism, as the pieces reveal the infinite possibilities of a single line.”

In one piece, the line is a seesaw-like bar holding up a pearl on one end without tipping its balance, as if in defiance of the laws of physics. In another, the line is the golden path of a raindrop rolling down a window — an ephemeral moment in time forever captured by a fresh-water pearl amid diamonds. The final piece bends the line (and imagination) to make a triangle. Thus the line becomes a new shape. It becomes a new story. One is the greatest number. If you’re ever in doubt, start there. Simple, but significant.
P.S. The Solo collection is designed with Pearls as an intentional choice of protagonist. Designed alongside diamonds and vermeil with a refreshed perspective and aesthetic, the designer bestows upon the pearl the power to declare: “I am not your mother’s pearl!”, thereby encouraging you to make them your own.




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