Make room for more good things and more luck

New year, new beginnings. It’s the time of the year to spring clean your home and, yes, your jewellery box, to make room for more good things, and more luck. Here are a few tips to help you get started.


#1 Audit Your Jewellery
The first step is to lay out all your jewellery to get an overview of your collection. Then, you begin organising and categorising them — by colour, gem type, metal or occasion, in a manner that suits you.

#2 Polishing & Repair
As you sort out your jewellery, you may notice a few that are due for cleaning, polishing or repairing. Pack them individually, and bring them in to your trusted jeweller, who will be able to give forgotten pieces a new lease of life for the new year.

#3 Do They Still Spark Joy?
Perhaps the hardest part of spring cleaning is saying goodbye to what no longer serves you. There are jewellery pieces you hold on to even though you haven’t worn them or looked at them in years, pieces that no longer reflect your style or that represent a part of an old life/relationship you ought to let go of. Take Marie Kondo’s advice, hold them in your hands and see if they still spark joy. If the answer is “no”, say a silent goodbye and set them aside. Bring them in to your jeweller to be repurposed — reset the stones in a new design, trade them in or sell them. Out with the old, in with the new.

#4 Invite In The New
Now that you’ve made room for the new, access what is lacking from your collection. Make a list of pieces you would like to acquire in the new year to go with your new self and new wardrobe. This should be fun.



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