Choice is a luxury we want you to have

Look forward to more gold options this month.

The promise of designing each piece of jewellery with you in mind keeps us focused on maintaining the delicate balance between quality and accessibility. Choice, we believe, is a luxury every woman should have. The challenge was to ensure we continue to create high-quality jewellery — with the immaculate craftsmanship you know and love our brand for — while we pursue new ways of making it more affordable.
In addition to 18K gold, we will be launching two more types of gold option to our collections: 14K and Vermeil.
 Most Affordable option.
A better choice over gold-plated jewellery for sensitive skin. Minimum requirement for Vermeil requires 10K gold coated over silver to a thickness of 1.5 microns. Our Vermeil pieces are of 925 sterling silver coated with 18K gold with over 2.5 microns to ensure durability and shine.
Mid Value option.
14K gold (58.3% gold mixed with alloys) is the perfect balance of affordability and quality. Most resilient of the three for everyday wear. Recommended for sensitive skin.
High Value option.
Closest to 100% gold while maintaining strength, resilience and shine. Least likely to cause skin allergy. While pure gold is too soft for fine jewellery, 18K gold (75% gold mixed with alloys) is the perfect option, striking a balance between the warm yellow shine of pure gold and longevity.
*We only use 14K or 18K solid gold and a base of 925 sterling silver for our vermeil pieces.


Quick Guide On How To Select Gold Options:

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