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"Create your own style...
let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others."

—anna wintour

You matter. What you stand for, matters.

When we decided to start ByCanary, we were keenly aware that the world does not need another jewellery brand. We asked ourselves in earnest: “Who are we making our jewellery for? Why are we making them?”, and we made sure to be honest with our answers and stay true to our purpose: To inspire, to empower, to dare.

The very people we design for are those who, in turn, inspire, empower and dare us to create something that matters and be the change we want to see in the world. Our customers — you — care. You care about quality. You care that the brands you support share the same values as you. You care about where things are made, how and who makes them. And you care that we are part of a greater voice, a greater community that strives to move our world towards a better future. When you choose a piece of jewellery, you choose it because what glitters is not merely the gold or the diamond, but the story it has to tell.

So here are our answers:
Because of you — that’s who.
And you are our why.

Launched in 2019 as a sister brand of fine-jeweler The Canary Diamond Co, By Canary is committed to designing affordable fine jewelry with everyone, for everyone. We look forward to collaborating with some of the most stylish and incredible people we know each season to continually inspire and empower you with new designs, new collections, new ways of self-expression.

At ByCanary, we aim to be a source of inspiration to our collaborators. We strive to provide them with a unique space where their imagination is free to play; where their creativity blooms; where their visions and expressions of beauty find voice and form through the jewellery we produce together for the discerning, responsible customer who wants to stand with a brand and community that stand for something.

With our sights set on a new and better future, we believe in the power of the collective. Through our jewellery — each piece rich with the stories, culture and purpose of the people involved in making them — we are excited to embark on a journey that will allow us to be part of the change we want to see in the world.

ByCanary. By Her. By Him. By Them. By You.
Because together, we are better.
sustainabilityFrom ethically sourced stones and recycled materials to packaging, we make every effort to ensure conscious, socially and environmentally responsible practices in making your jewellery.
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