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It has been a long and challenging year. While we continue to do our best to make the most of every day through these uncertain times, there are still days when we can’t help but feel disconnected. Because we want to tell you that you’re not alone, we decided to do something meaningful this festive season that’ll hopefully help you bridge the distance friends and families through gifts.

Together with the Make A Wish Foundation, we are pleased to announce the launch of the “#ByYouByUsByCanary” campaign, through which you may not only send love and joy to those you care about through ByCanary’s jewellery, but also grant children with critical illnesses a wish. Ten percent of all profits from the campaign will go towards this cause.

In the spirit of giving and staying connected, we also spoke with five entrepreneurs and personalities who tell us what and who they think about when they think about “giving” and “gifting”. We will be sharing these conversations with you over the next few weeks, starting with Nixalina, the founder of fashion and lifestyle blog, Sex And Singapore City.

Nixalina, Founder of fashion and lifestyle blog, Sex And Singapore City.

They say fortune favours the bold. And bold is how one might describe Nixalina, not merely for her style and head of blue hair redolent of Léa Seydoux’s iconic look in Blue Is The Warmest Colour, but also for the courage to make a career switch from make-up artist to writer.

In 2011, she launched Sex And London City, a blog that serves up humorous and informative features with a focus on dating, thus earning her the title, “London’s answer to Carrie Bradshaw”. Her byline has also appeared in fashion glossies including Glamour UK and Cosmopolitan UK. Shortly after her relocation to Singapore, Nixalina decided to expand her digital platform to appeal to local readers. With that in mind, Sex And Singapore City was born, now complete with her own podcast of the same name, available on Spotify, iTunes and other podcast apps.

When we reached out to Nixalina with the idea of the “Gifts of Sentiment” campaign — where we invite each participant to pick a gift from ByCanary’s collections and choose its recipient — she was all in. Giving, she says, should begin with the self. The greatest gift is the gift of self-love. Only when you keep filling yourself up will you have enough of you to give and love others.

By choosing the gift of self-love, Nixalina encourages us to do the same — to invest in ourselves and give ourselves credit for doing the work in order to be the person that we are.

In Her Words:
“I had a think about all the women in my life whom I’d like to give something to this Christmas, and I really want to give a gift to someone who is having a bad time and perhaps put a smile on her face. And if I’m being honest, that person is me. I haven’t had a good year… so I’d like to give myself something as a reminder that ‘It’s going to be okay, and everything passes, bad times and good times’. The piece I’ve chosen is a birthstone ring for myself. My birthstone is emerald. So, it’s an emerald and diamond ring in 18K white gold, which I will be wearing on my thumb. It’s a token of self-love that I hope will help me get through the rough days.”

“This too shall pass.” -Nixalina’s Reminder 



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