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A Host, Presenter, and Mother


So, we have finally closed the chapter on 2020, and opened our hearts to a brand new start. Hello, 2021! With a fresh sense of optimism and possibility, let’s continue to do our best to make the most of every day even though there are still going to be times when you can’t help but feel disconnected. Because we want to tell you that you’re not alone, we decided to do something meaningful that’ll hopefully help you bridge the distance friends and families through gifts. 

Together with the Make A Wish Foundation, we launched the “Gifts of Sentiment” campaign, through which you may not only send love and joy to those you care about through ByCanary’s jewellery, but also grant children with critical illnesses a wish. Ten percent of all profits from the campaign will go towards this cause.

In the spirit of togetherness, we reached out to some entrepreneurs and personalities who tell us what, and who, they think about when they think about “giving”. This week, the spotlight is on journalist and presenter Sara-Ann K.

Sara-Ann K, A Journalist, Presenter, and Mother.

Sara-Ann K was born for the stage. Ever since she stepped on to one at four years old, she has been hosting and loving it. That she should describe herself as a “huge people person” is no surprise given her career choices, which runs the gamut from presenting and modelling to acting and journalism. For the mother-of-two of Indian, Chinese and Dutch origins, it is all about connecting with people meaningfully. (“My biggest career wish is to be able to effectively communicate in as many languages as I can possibly learn in this lifetime,” says Sara, who speaks English and Mandarin fluently.)

This is one of the reasons why Sara, who rarely say yes to participating in campaigns, said yes to ByCanary and our “Gifts Of Sentiment” initiative. It is an opportunity for her to connect deeper with those who matter, to express her love and gratitude in a tangible way, and also to do something special for others. .

By choosing the gift of love, Sara encourages us to thank the important people in our lives because we wouldn't get where we are without them.


“..being able to gift someone whom you truly love something that’s meaningful is such a blessing”

-Sara’s Reminder

In Her Words:
“Gifts Of Sentiment is such a beautiful and meaningful campaign because you get to close the distance. I know 2020 was all about social distancing, but being able to gift someone whom you truly love something that’s meaningful is such a blessing. I want to give a gift to my sister because she has truly been an amazing rock for my family — she has been there for my mum, my husband, my two kids, and for my father who recently passed away. I want her to have something she can wear every day that will remind her of the two little angels who adore her — my sons, who are also her godchildren — so, this is a present from them as well to show her how much we appreciate and love her for who she is. ’.

The piece I've chosen is a birthstone necklace for my sister. My sister likes classic styles and versatile pieces she can wear everyday. Last Christmas, she got a cute rose gold and diamond half eternity ring from my elder son, to mark him officially asking her to be his godmother. It's become a piece she wears everyday, so we wanted something equally meaningful, that would match that.

Instead of birthstones, we chose diamonds for the stones on the necklace to match the ring. One diamond to represent her, one to represent my older son, and one to represent my newborn, whom she is now also godmother to. And ByCanary did a lovely job of customizing the entire necklace in rose gold, so it all matched.

It was absolutely perfect. And I'm so happy she hasn't taken it off since.”


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