The founder of multi-disciplinary creative agency Cream Pie talks to us about being an entrepreneur, fashion inspiration and her jewellery collection, “Razor Sharp”, for ByCanary.


Let's cut to the chase.

“Razor Sharp” is for those who dare; a compact yet robust collection co-created by ByCanary and our guest designer, Stephanie Er. The pieces are centred around a single razor blade — serving as a reminder for you to stay sharp in this multi-hyphenated, fast-paced world.
As with every designer collaboration, ByCanary believes in giving back and creating social awareness, this time is no different. Stephanie has chosen Big Love Child Protection Specialist Centre, whose mission is to keep children safe, raise child abuse awareness and offer them a voice. Part of our sales proceeds will be donated to their cause.
"Razor Sharp" asks that you inherently take charge, cut through the noise of the world, and live life as your most authentic self, while staying sharp for those who need us. The collection consists of a necklace and earrings; a luxurious yet edgy interpretation on the utilitarian razor blade. Available in both white and yellow gold; bespoke with diamonds. The necklace comes with a curb chain, length suited to sit perfectly on the neckline, and attached in the middle, a perfectly cut razor blade. As for the earrings, each is unique and tailored to your fancy: Engrave your initials, wear it solo or as an intentionally mismatched pair.


Find out more about Steph and her inspiration behind the collection:


1. Can you tell us a little about yourself? How did you become the entrepreneur you are today?
I’m Stephanie, I run a creative agency that focuses on interior design and digital-marketing solutions. I grew up in a home where my dad founded his own company. He went from selling durians by the road to forging an intra-Asia freight forwarding company. While he has never pressured me to take over or start a business, being around a force like him has definitely inspired me to push harder and break boundaries.

2. What does fashion mean to you?
Fashion is self-expression, confidence and magic.

3. Do you have any favourite fashion icons?

Zoe Kravitz, Axl Rose, people in workwear uniform going about their day.

4. How would you describe your style, and how big a role does jewellery play in your every-day?

I don’t have a fixed style. I believe in versatility and proportion. A large part of how I dress is how I feel on a day. Jewellery is an important accessory to complete a look. I dress in various colours and styles, so the jewellery I own and tend to buy are quite classic, but unique. I don’t often change my jewellery so they are often daily wearables. 

5. What inspired your collaboration with ByCanary and the designs in the collection?

I’ve always loved jewellery that brings out a little character. Considering how we live and work today, every job requires us to hold more than one role, and life expects you to always be on your toes. This Razor Sharp collection represents that: An individual who’s ready for anything work or life throws at you.

6. What is the most important thing you look for when you’re shopping for jewellery?

That it’s made in gold so that I don’t worry about allergies or tarnish. Also the size, weight and finish. I wish to own that piece of jewellery for a long time, so every aspect matters.

7. Can you offer a few tips on accessorising? For example, how would you style some of the pieces you’ve designed with ByCanary?

The pieces are meant to integrate seamlessly with any wardrobe or look regardless of gender. The easiest option is a T-shirt and a pair of jeans, and let the jewellery do the talking.



10% of proceeds from the Razor Sharp collection will be donated to Big Love Child Protection Specialist Centre.
Listen in to the podcast hosted by Steph with Big Love on child abuse awareness.




About Big Love Child Protection Specialist Centre

Big Love Child Protection Specialist Centre manages child protection concerns, including for those who have suffered severe trauma and require therapy to process their experience. Your donations will go specifically towards providing them with the therapy they need to reach healing, recovery and rehabilitation.

Established under Montfort Care, Big Love has been empowering families with greater functioning and resilience by providing child-centric, family-focused and community-based support since 2013.

For more information, please visit or

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