International Women's Day Spotlight

Let's #BreakTheBias with Nixalina, Founder of Sex And Singapore City


This International Women's Day, let us raise awareness against the bias, take action for equality and celebrate women's achievement. #BreakTheBias with Nixalina and find out what makes her stand in her power.
“I have always been the kind of woman that speaks my mind, addresses all situations with brutal honesty and is not afraid to fight for justice and truth."
Conversation with Nixalina:
1. What does being a woman mean to you
Being a woman, for me, is about embracing both my masculine and feminine energy. Yes, it sounds strange to say being a woman is embracing masculinity, but I believe there is a duality here that makes us whole. I love being fierce, strong, passionate, driven, independent and self assertive, but I also embrace my vulnerability, my nurturing and motherly side, my need to create a home, have stability, love and care for others and animals.

2. What makes you perfectly imperfect and unique?
I have always been the kind of woman that speaks my mind, addresses all situations with brutal honesty and is not afraid to fight for justice and truth. This, on many occasions, upsets people. People don't tend to gravitate towards a strong woman if it makes them feel inferior in the process. But I adore this aspect of myself and I wouldn't change it for the world. That fire - it makes me a force to be reckoned with. It also allows me to become the podcaster that people want to listen to, because they trust me to always tell the truth, even if it means calling myself out on mistakes.

3. In your own way, how do you try to make a difference — at work or in your personal life — in advocating gender equality for women?

I have done this since I set up my brand Sex & London City back in 2011 - I wanted to make sexual conversation for women NORMAL. Sex, love, orgasms, it is nothing to be ashamed of, embarrassed or taboo discussions. I am a voice for female empowerment within the ideals of connection to their own bodies, feminine health, sexual health, embracing female sexuality and everything inbetween. Women should be proud and outspoken when it comes to their sexuality, as I do believe men have always had dominance in that sphere.

5. What is your current power mantra?

Set Your Wild Heart Free.

4. Do you have a daily or go-to self-care ritual/practice to share? Perhaps something you do that helps you to stand in your power?

I try to always go for a sunset walk along the river by my home - connecting with nature helps reset me and especially watching the sun set for the day. I like to ground myself being outside and wind down after a long day at work, before dinner and rest indoors. It helps me feel relaxed and delivers some mindfulness and time to reflect too. I also try to write in my journal daily, even just as I take my morning coffee. I like to get my ideas out of my head and onto paper, or any time where I feel exceptionally low or high, writing it down helps get it out of me and onto paper.


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