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It’s officially Christmas month — a favourite time of the year for many, us included. Not only for the pumpkin lattes and dinner gatherings with people we love, but also because it’s the time of the year when we finally allow ourselves a little more stillness to contemplate the journey of the last 12 months, and give thanks to everyone who has supported and cheered for us through challenging times, and the same people who celebrated with us through triumphant moments.

ByCanary has created the “Angel Wings” collection in support of the Dover Park Hospice as an “Everyday Giving Partner” for SG Cares Giving Week.

The collection, which features angel wings in 14k and 18k gold with diamonds, consists of a necklace, a ring and earrings. Inspired by the idea of giving hope, each piece is a modern talisman you could hold in your hands and wear close to the heart. It’s a meaningful gift ahead of a new year for a cherished someone to remind them that whatever life has in store, whatever adventures lie ahead, that all will be well as long as they don’t give up. Hope is always within reach.


20% of proceeds from the “Angel Wings” collection will be donated to the Dover Park Hospice.
Discover the collection below.







About Dover Park Hospice

Founded in 1992, Dover Park Hospice (DPH) is Singapore’s first purpose-built hospice, catering to those nearing their end of life’s journey. As a secular, non-profit organisation, we open our doors to people of every age, race, religion, and income level. Through a transdisciplinary team comprising doctors and nurses specialising in palliative care, medical social workers, art and music therapists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and pastoral counsellor, the team jointly assess, discuss and plan for the care of the patients including caregivers’ support.

Over the years, our premises have served as a tranquil sanctuary for over 12,000 patients and families as we provide holistic palliative care in meeting their physical, emotional, psycho-social and spiritual needs. To complement our inpatient service and home care programme, we have extended our services in providing integrated care to our patients with the operation of our new Day Care to ensure continuity of care in a seamless manner over time and in different care settings.

For more information on DPH, please visit or

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